Ainol Novo8 Advanced - white

Custom ICS for Ainol Novo8 Advanced

there is no support from any makers/vendors. You must agree all risks by installing non-supported files, and you may lose official support/warranty.

Everything will be erased. Please make backup (if you need to do it). After wipe data and cache partitions.

UPDATE 08-01-2016 – new link

Thanks to
Cheeyee for his huge works on app,modules and dejitter
YetAnotherForumUser for his works to remove jitter
JackDeer for showing me compatibility with Ramos W6HD firmware
sHAOgE for showing me compatibility with Ramos W13 firmware
nurdyn for helping me to configure build.prop for ethernet and 3G dongle support

Thanks for DONATION


ROM: custom_ics-pasquale_6.1-tm809-full-odexed-signed
Copy on root of sdcard and install from recovery. Is advised wipe data/cache partitions prior to install. Recovery included.

for comments, suggestions, ideas and reports, you can use this forum!

* wifi
* hardware decoder
* audio
* camera
* GAPPS, fully
* multitouch
* jogball
* remote

* app: Novo8 Manager (beta) – On reboot all modules are unloaded also if checkbox is checked!
* bluetooth
* cifs
* ext4
* joypad
* gps

know issues :
* USB Host Storage don’t works
* USB mouse don’t works
* BLUETOOTH: don’t work on resume from sleep mode (or if you deactivate/remove the device). To solve is needed reboot.
* DEJITTER makes the system unstable!
* DEJITTER: if you load and unload dejitter modules the system could freeze!